You will soon discover that our approach to training Toastmasters is unique. We have an absolute dedication to quality training and want our new Toastmasters to be the best that they can possibly be. We expect our Toastmasters to uphold the high standards that we set.

Here at the Guild of Toastmasters and the Academy of Excellence we ensure that the training we can provide is used to ensure that your education, both as a prospective and ongoing Toastmaster really is cost effective and of the highest possible quality and standard.

The Academy of Excellence is owned by the Guild of Toastmasters and all students are offered the exclusive opportunity to join the Guild.  Membership is not currently open to anyone who has not attended the Academy.

The association provides a number of benefits including:

  • Reassurance for clients that the Toastmaster they engage is backed by a group of extremely talented professionals; thereby guaranteeing the highest possible standards
  • Security for both you and your clients that in the unlikely event that a Toastmaster is unable to attend a function, for example due to illness, the Guild of Toastmasters can normally find a replacement Toastmaster to fill in, trained to the same extremely high standards
  • A network of Toastmasters who can be called on for advice, support, mentoring or even to fill in a job you are unable to make… so you’re not left “on your own” to get on with it
  • Very reasonably priced and arranged professional indemnity insurance
  • Notification of jobs that are available for any Toastmaster to take (e.g. where a booking is sought for a Toastmaster who is already booked on that day)
  • The opportunity for new members to "shadow' more experienced colleagues, thereby gaining valuable experience
  • A resources library, containing sample Terms & Conditions, recommendations for contracts, our Code of Professional Conduct, Code of Ethics and other useful documentation
  • Members' forum - an active discussion forum offering the opportunity to get and gain feedback, swap advice, or ask questions of other Toastmasters within the Guild

We offer our training in a residential setting, which means that you don’t have to keep coming back for more, but also that you will leave with a fully rounded education covering almost everything you might expect a Toastmaster to know… “we don’t just do weddings”

Our training material has been written and is constantly updated by experts in their fields. You will learn from the best in the field. This unique approach ensures that the training is up to date, relevant and practical.

A professional Toastmaster is much more than someone who puts on a red tailcoat and makes announcements. He or she will have detailed knowledge of tradition, protocol and etiquette and the ability to use this knowledge to ensure that clients’ functions run smoothly. Our Toastmasters will ensure that you are totally relaxed, so as you can enjoy your event or function.

They'll understand how to balance tradition and modern approaches, formal and informal, serious and fun, to get the atmosphere right for any function or event.

The Toastmasters within the Guild of Toastmasters will manage events to ensure that everything runs as it should and they will plan everything carefully, so that everyone knows what they should be doing, and keep an eye on things to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Sometimes, things can go wrong and if things do go a little awry, your Toastmaster will be able to put things back on track without any of your guests even noticing.

Becoming a professional Toastmaster with the Guild of Toastmasters will require that you have a passion and dedication to our profession, together with the knowledge, which we can give you.

We look forward to meeting you.