Toastmaster Training courses for Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies are run by Richard Palmer, who is an expert in the training of toastmasters, master of ceremonies , wedding or funeral celebrants.  We have detailed some information for you, outlining a Toastmaster’s duties, activities and functions. Richard effectively holds an internationally recognised quality standard for practising his craft and attained the ISO 9001:2000 registration on 1st May 2003. This was updated to the ISO 9001:2008 registration on 1st May 2009. There is no other toastmaster worldwide who has been working to this internationally recognised certification which underlines Richard’s continued efforts to strive for excellent quality client care and service.


Our basic course is for three days, which may be consecutive days or individual days to suit you. We are happy to include Saturdays and Sundays as normal training days. Richard may bring in experts in our industry who are involved in the wedding and hospitality business to offer other angles and perspectives for you. The toastmaster training school at the Guild of Toastmasters is taking toastmasters into the 21st century. We know well where we come from and may be seen to be the guardians of etiquette, but modern times demand careful attention to detail and excellent service in the way and in the style that our clients demand.


After completing our Academy of Excellence Training you will have the necessary skills required to officiate at:

  • Weddings (including Catholic, Christian, Jewish and Asian, American, Chinese, Caribbean, Civil…)
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries and many other celebrations
  • Civic functions (including Local Government, Lord Mayors and Councils)
  • Functions held by the Victuallers Association
  • Functions held by Round Tables and Rotary Clubs
  • Masonic Ladies’ festivals
  • State Banquets
  • Law Society Functions, and Events held by other Professional Associations
  • Corporate functions, Award Ceremonies, Events with after dinner speakers
  • Charity Fundraising Balls, including Charity Auctions
  • Functions held in the various Cities
  • Burns’ Nights
  • Armed Forces’ Functions

But our courses are not just about being able to perform at any of these events. We provide a very rounded training package that covers all the topics that will be of help to the professional Toastmaster in order to assist them in the performance of their duties to the utmost ability, such as:

  • History of the Toastmaster and his/her relevance today
  • Duties of a Toastmaster
  • Dress Codes, Code of conduct and Code of Ethics
  • Dealing with the Unexpected
  • Receiving Lines,
  • The correct way to announce or address different people, including Peers, those with Awards and Decorations, Clergy, Members of the Armed Forces, Members of Parliament, Mayors, the Royal Family and their Representatives, and more
  • How to undertake various traditional activities such as Taking Wine, Passing the Port, the Loving Cup and the Ceremony of the Quaich (Celtic Tradition – Cup of Welcome)
  • How to correctly give Toasts, including the Loyal Toast and Toasts to Monarchs or Presidents of other countries
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice, putting the theory into action

We will also introduce you to lots of practical advice on how best to run your Toastmaster and Event Management Business including:

  • Where to purchase your Uniform, Clothing and Additional Equipment
  • Marketing Opportunities, Ideas, Techniques and Business Advice
  • Accountancy and Book Keeping
  • Sample Contracts and Terms & Conditions
  • Preferred Stationery Suppliers and Printers
  • Opportunities to meet and talk with Key Suppliers, such as Banqueting Managers, Photographers and Transportation Companies

Our training and tuition will be discussed with you in detail, upon application to become a Toastmaster with the Guild of Toastmasters. We will tailor our courses according to your own personal requirements. We run a number of courses each year in various locations throughout Ireland and the UK.


Courses for toastmasters are generally run by the Academy of Excellence. Here at the Guild of Toastmasters we believe that our courses are best by a long way. One of the main differences however is that we do not then throw our toastmasters to the lions. We provide further support and ongoing help. Indeed, we offer ongoing help and support to the highest level and all included within the annual membership fees.

On completion of your course you will receive a membership certificate from the Guild of Toastmasters, together with your completion certificate from the Academy of Excellence.


Our core values are an integral part of our culture and the set of principles we see as most crucial to our work. By learning more about them, you can learn more about what lies at the heart of the Guild of Toastmasters. Our members look to our core values to guide their decisions and actions, and new members and longer serving members draw inspiration from them – both inside and outside of our Guild.

These core values spotlight just a few of the many incredible ways that our members are rising to the occasion and applying our core values to their day to day work for the benefit of each of our clients. We are energised by the progress we have made and we will act on the lessons we have learned over the last two decades.

We will ensure that as we grow, we will continue to place particular priority on recruiting and developing individuals who share our passion for continual improvement of our services for our members and their clients.  We aim to foster and accelerate educational leadership that will drive lasting, systemic change throughout our industry, raising the quality of our work to the satisfaction of our clients and the opportunity for our members to fulfil their true potential.


We seek to reform and expand educational and professional opportunity in ways that are comfortable for our new toastmasters, master of ceremonies or celebrants and transforming for our members and our industry. Given our deep belief in our work and the difference that we can make to our clients, the magnitude of the results from our particular teaching system and its consequences, and our optimism about the standard of our services, we act with high standards, urgency, and a long-term view.

Leadership: We strive to develop and become even more renown as being the leaders in our sphere of work necessary to realise excellence and delivery of a superior service to our clients. We establish bold visions and share and invest with others in working towards them. Wherever we see change that has a meaningful impact, we work in purposeful, strategic, and resourceful ways, define broadly what is within our control to solve, and learn and improve constantly. We operate with a sense of possibility, persevere in the face of challenges, ensure alignment between our actions and beliefs, and assume personal responsibility for results.


We value and care about each other, operate with a generosity of spirit, and have fun in the process of working together. As part of our commitment to maximise our collective impact, we inspire, challenge, and support each other to be our best and sustain our effort.


We act on our belief that educational ability will succeed only if it is diverse in every respect. In particular, we value the perspective and credibility that individuals who share the racial and economic backgrounds of the members with whom we work can bring to our organisation, meetings, and the long-term effort for change to higher standards.


We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others, and we recognise our own limitations. We are committed to partnering effectively with fellow toastmasters, other associations from other professions, and the broader spectrum of individuals working in our industry to ensure that our work advances the broader good for all our clients.


The training we provide goes deep into the emotional side of our work and also takes into consideration how you will feel when you undertake your very first job. It is important that you start with the right level of confidence, knowing that everything about you is right. You are dressed correctly.  You know where and how to stand.  You understand your clients’ needs and how to make sure that you wow them by working to very high standards.  You have the correct kit of parts to cope with virtually any issues, from a detached veil to a broken wedding dress hoop.  From stains on virtually any fabric to the order of the speeches and how to get the best reception for your clients, you are there to give best advice.


Most of our clients want total peace of mind that their special occasions and events will be run smoothly and will be an enjoyable experience for everyone attending. The organisers of events often put their guests before themselves and a toastmaster is there to care for them as well as their guests. At busy functions the organiser may not be able to spend as much time with their guests as they would like to. Therefore by using a caring and well trained toastmaster, they can make sure that their guests are made to feel special.

At weddings, help is often needed with buttonholes and corsages to make sure that they are put on neatly and properly. An experienced toastmaster should be able to cope with this basic task for the wedding party or all the guests. The wedding party may also need help dressing or just with the final checks, to make sure that they are all looking their best for the photos.

Skilled and caring toastmasters carry a full kit or client care pack to take extra care of their clients and guests. Some items such as medicines and plasters may not be administered directly, however they may be available for use under the right direction.

Health and safety is of vital importance at every function and a skilled and caring toastmaster should have a good working knowledge in this area.

A toastmaster should be looking after other service providers so that the hosts will be able to get the best results from their contractors. Simple things, like making sure that they do not go thirsty and that events do not happen until the right people are in the right places, at the right times are generally the responsibility of your toastmaster.

The Guild of Toastmasters is pleased to offer client focused courses at all levels from new entrants into the profession through to skilled toastmasters who wish to hone their skills in specialist areas.

Marketing and personal development are also areas that we are pleased to help with, to give our members and their clients peace of mind, that they are delivering and getting the best possible levels of service.


A contemporary toastmaster is a master of ceremonies and the presence of a master of ceremonies or guardian of etiquette is a long standing tradition at all Royal and formal social events, such as weddings.

The toastmaster’s role is to introduce guests to their hosts, announce meals, speeches, toasts, cake cutting and generally facilitate the duties and responsibilities of those for whom he is working.

At a wedding the toastmaster will take responsibility for keeping a reception to time and liaise with the families on the wedding day.

A toastmaster may not become involved in wedding and event plans as such, but as far as possible, will ensure the smooth running of your special occasion, on the day. Your toastmaster’s presence can be a valuable asset.

Toastmasters traditionally wear a very grand and glorious ceremonial tailcoat with all the trimmings, and their presence can greatly add to the colour, splendour and ceremony of your function. Certainly very formal or large functions will always benefit from this colourful professional management.

Your toastmaster will keep control over what is happening in a discrete manner and using his experience, will ensure a smoothly run, enjoyable and memorable event.  Adaptability is an important quality.

Now Is The Time For All Good Men And Women To Come To The Aid Of The Party!

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