Selection of an excellent, experienced professional Toastmaster should be taken with care as your occasion will be very special to you and you will want to find a Toastmaster that you know will be there for you and work in the way and style that you want.

Guild of Toastmasters Gavel


A Toastmaster can often be seen at various events, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

Guild of Toastmasters Weddings


Toastmasters are becoming more popular at weddings, as they can insure that your Special Day is perfect.

Guild of Toastmasters Corporate Events

Corporate Events

No Corporate Event is complete without the traditional Red Tailcoat Toastmaster.


The Guild of Toastmasters can often save you money!

Of all the services which a Toastmaster is likely to provide for your wedding day, it is more than likely that the value of the professional Toastmaster is far and above that of their fee. Always take into consideration that the Guild of Toastmasters will have contacts within other areas and can often get you a much better deal. Guild of Toastmasters.


Expertise and Style for Every Occasion!

The concept of a Toastmaster as merely a loud voice who bangs a gavel and makes a few announcements is completely inaccurate - even though those few announcements may often be the only visible signs to indicate his or her presence. Expertise and Style for Every Occasion.

Guild of Toastmasters

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