“Loyalty: We are faithful to those we represent, while honouring our obligation to serve those who have engaged us.”

Guild of Toastmasters Uniform

Toastmaster's Uniform

  • Red Barathea Wool Tailcoat
  • High Waist Black Dress Trousers With Double Stripe
  • White Marcella Shirt & Bow Tie
  • White Marcella Waistcoat
  • White Gloves
  • Black Patent Shoes

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Guild of Toastmasters Mission Statement

What We Stand For

Our mission is to establish and grow a quality Guild of Toastmasters based on the highest levels of service, loyalty, and integrity. As an organisation, our aim is to provide consistently superior services to our members and to foster an environment that enables our members to achieve personal and professional growth and success. Our members' professional needs and objectives are paramount.

Our Vision & Philosophy

Our vision and philosophy for the Guild of Toastmasters, is to be the highest quality organisation and leading provider of superior support for Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies worldwide. The Guild of Toastmasters will facilitate excellent quality training and marketing services which will enable our members to exceed their clients' expectations and raise the profile of toastmasters. By delivering superior quality services to our members and offering our members the highest level of training, support, loyalty and integrity, our members will be able to achieve personal and professional growth and success whilst providing consistently superior services to their clients.