With so many details to organise when planning your wedding, it can seem somewhat silly to spend too much time thinking about what perfume you’re going to wear. After all, all your favourite scents are your favourites for a reason, so what’s wrong with wearing one of them for your Special Day?


Here at the Guild of Toastmasters, we love the growing trend for a ‘wedding scent’, which of course is the perfume you wear specifically for your wedding day. The idea is that not only will you pick something very special for your big day, but that that smell will always remind you of your wedding whenever you wear it. If you’re particularly sentimental, we love the idea of only wearing that perfume in future on anniversaries or special occasions and that is one of the reasons we have the Utique or Pure ranges.

With that in mind, the Guild of Toastmasters, Bridal Perfume experts, have a Bridal Perfume Experience, where they can help you choose from their expansive range of scents, and advise on scents to combine to find the perfect blend just for you, or your whole party or your wedding room, as applicable.

We have had quite a number of Bridal Perfume Parties and they seem to go very well. It is the perfect opportunity for the two families to come together to select the perfume, not just for the Bride, but also the Groom. It then goes even further where we see the the Mothers of the Bride and Groom also selecting a perfume as well.

The Fathers of the Bride and Groom are not left out and it can often lead to some good fun. We offer the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen the very same opportunity to try the various fragrances.

This also leads us to introduce other products that we have in the FM WORLD range, such as Makeup, Health Supplements, Tea and Coffee, along with Home Care products as well.

Everyone at the Bridal Perfume Party is given the opportunity to sign up Free of charge, which allows them to purchase any of the products at the Preferred Customer Rates. Some people have even gone on to sell the Perfumes and additional products to their family and friends, in order to earn some extra money.

When you click on the image above, you will be taken to our Perfume Finder. Here you can answer a few questions and some of our Fragrances will be selected for you to try. You can also download this App to your Phone, so as you can try it at home with Family and Friends.

If you wish to sign up as a Preferred Customer in order to avail of our Discounts, you can do so here: Preferred Customer

Maybe the idea of having your own little business in order to earn additional income appeals to you, then please click here: Independent Distributor


We are sure that you will find plenty to interest you and we have many products to offer within our shop. Please feel free to take a look here: Shop Online

When you make a confirmed booking for your Wedding, we will arrange a suitable time for your Family and Friends to come together, and in the meantime please feel free to browse the websites above to see what is on offer.